DBT 0290: The Storm King – Brendan Duffy

Does this book sound like a fantasy novel? Listen as I talk about that with Brendan himself, but this book is FAR from a fantasy novel.

What a fun and absorbing interview to do, and one of the most pleasurable for me. We get into so much out the plot, and this book is so well written. The more I read the more I could not put it down. He sounds so much like a married with children author, but IS HE? NO. I was amazed. And he does have a really great talent for writing. And what makes this book so amazing is the hero of the novel, or is he?

A perfect book to read if you are a book group.

Brendan and I talked well over the time I took to do the interview. He is insightful and a good listener, plus VERY interesting to listen to. Definitely want to read his first book, HOUSE OF ECHOES. Why did I not read it before?

Cannot wait to see what he writes next, and really look forward to speaking to him again. And being a book editor only further enhances his writing. ENJOY!

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