DBT0244: Wally Lamb – I’ll Take You There

Wally Lamb, author of I'll Take You There
Wally Lamb became a household name when Oprah picked his books, She’s Come Undone and I Know This Much Is True.

Interestingly, while I Know This Much Is True is 912 pages long, I’ll Take You There is only 254 pages. Quite different!

Wally Lamb is very easy to talk to, and has wonderful things to say.

In addition to writing, Lamb teaches in a women’s correctional facility. Listen to the interview to learn more about that.

The main character of this book is Felix, who runs a Monday night movie club in what was once a vaudeville theater. And then he is visited by the ghost of Lois Weber. She really existed by the way. (Why has no one heard of her? I have been following entertainment for years, but have never heard that name.)

What happens next will deeply affect Felix to a great degree. Would you be able to watch your life playing out in front of you? Read this book and see what it is like for Felix.

I’ll Take You There is really an enjoyable book. Once you start reading, you will have trouble putting it down.

Can’t wait to see what he will come up with next. Enjoy!



Our Conversation With Wally Lamb

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