DBT0243: Tippi Hedren – Tippi: A Memoir

Tippi Hedren, MemoirTippi Hedren might be the strongest women I have ever talked to; at least, she is near the top of the list.

She is finally telling all about Alfred Hitchcock, her movie career, her work with animals, her husbands, and her wonderful daughter (Melanie Griffith) and granddaughter (Dakota Johnson.)

What Tippi has to say about Alfred Hitchcock is shocking, and will probably make you feel less than wonderful, but she got through it…how, I have no idea.

She is strong, she is sweet, she loves animals and has won more awards than any other actress I have talked to.

She is also friends with Donald Trump, among others, but due to the volatile nature of the election, I did not bring that up.

I love this woman, and what she cares about is amazing, she has worked tirelessly in helping people with food, and getting back on their feet. She has taken in countless animals, she cannot even tell you ALL of them.

At 86 years old, she is still making movies, an amazing feat.

What does it feel like to be bitten by a lion? She will tell you. And she wasn’t the only one who got bitten in her family. She lives at a preserve called Shambala, and to her it is heaven, and it sure sounds like it!

One truly amazing woman, and the love she gives to all will amaze you.

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