DBT0242: Linwood Barclay – The Twenty Three (Book 3 in the Promise Falls Trilogy)

linwood-barclay-promise-fallsTHE TWENTY THREE is the third book in one of the most fascinating trilogies I have ever read. You talk about eating peanuts, this series will TOTALLY captivate you and leave you wanting more, especially after book one, BROKE PROMISE, about the small town of PROMISE FALLS.

Why are there twenty three dead squirrels hanging?

What is going on in this town?

If they ever make a movie out of this series, I will be first in line.

Linwood Barclay is a master at character and plots. He really knows what he is doing, and this series was a lot of work. You can hear him talking about it.

Barclay constantly makes the NY TIMES bestseller list, and deservedly so. You simply cannot put these books down. And you care so deeply about these characters.

Whose baby is that really?

There is not much more I can say about these books without spoiling them. One of the best thriller writers out there. Don’t start reading this series late at night, you will not be able to stop. The writing is so smooth, it is amazing…SHEER FUN to read these books, and you can hear him talk all about them in this interview.


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