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DBT 0331: Your Heroes, My Grandparents – Julie Rogers Pomilia

Your Heroes, My Grandparents: A Granddaughter’s Love is a charming read chronicling the lives of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, from the perspective of their grandchild. The author shares personal stories, candid pictures, and unique insights into what it was like growing up in a multicultural family with famous grandparents. This heartwarming book offers an intimate encounter with two of the most beloved heroes in American history and is a must-read for anyone curious about their lives.

Wow, what a nice lady. And so positive and fun. The granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and boy is that an act to follow. This interview lasted over an hour, with her four dogs lying nearby. She is one interesting lady, and what she went through with her grandparents is remarkable and nothing but a fun time. Yes, like any family, there are very interesting moments.

Wait till you hear about the airplane ride and Roy’s encounter with a fan convinced he was bald. So classic all of these. So many pictures in this book, I was so pleased.

And she sent me a signed copy, and the woman has the prettiest handwriting ever! There is NOTHING fake about this woman, and the love she still feels toward her grandparents is remarkable. And wait till you hear about the mail being dumped! Who realized how popular Roy and Dale were? And how did they always stay so positive and happy? And they did have tragedy in their lives.

So thankful I got to interview this woman. She is an amazing person and a tribute to the human race.

– David

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