DBT 0247: Rich Little – Little By Little: People I’ve Known and Been

Little By Little, a very catchy title for a fascinating book!

Rich Little is a legend in the entertainment business, at least for the baby boomers and above. And he is one of the nicest people to talk to. And to be able to impersonate so many people!

Little was friends with JIMMY STEWART. You will hear stories about BING CROSBY and others that will warm your heart. Don’t believe much about what you hear about people. Exaggerating abounds in Hollywood as well as many other places. Rich started doing impersonations at his dining room table, at 15 yrs of age. And listen to what his mother said about it! Will surprise you where he got his start and how! And what happened with JOHNNY CARSON? AND PAUL LYNDE?

To have mastered so many voices and inflections, and mannerisms is an art. And speaking of art, wait till you see the ILLUSTRATIONS in this book!! WOW. and wait till you hear who drew them!

Rich is so interesting, the interview lasted for over an hour, and I could have talked all day to him! A true legend in his field, he will never be forgotten, as will be this book. One of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time, and fascinating stories about RONALD REAGAN, BING CROSBY, STEWART GRANGER,GEORGE BUSH (BOTH) JUDY GARLAND,JIMMY STEWART and many others! Truly an excellent Christmas and birthday book to give to someone.


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