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DBT 0339: Jon Lindstrom – Hollywood Hustle

What a treat to interview Jon Lindstrom, author of Hollywood Hustle, who is also an actor on General Hospital, and is someone I have watched on TV for years. That voice never changes, and I would watch him on General Hospital and Port Charles for a long time. I was in withdrawal without being able to watch the show anymore. To be able to talk to him over the phone was thrilling.

This is his first thriller, and hopefully, there will be a lot more. We talk about that during the interview; hear what he has to say. And I talk about his writing a lot. To get this interview was a coup, and I hope you enjoy it. To think he is working with Genie Francis, who is married to Jonathan Frakes, is so great to me. I am a big Star Trek: Next Generation fan, as I am sure a lot of you are. Find out when he first wanted to write, how long he has been reading, and when it all started. Enjoy!

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