DBT 0282: Michael Robotham – The Secrets She Keeps

Wow, what a book!

And this one fooled me. I thought the innocent friendship between two women was all this book was about, but BOY was I wrong!

Michael Robotham is one of the most incredibly talented authors out there today, and the twists that come in this book are certainly shocking.

This is the second time reading one of Robotham’s books has helped me get through an illness. (The other book was SAY YOU’RE SORRY, a masterpiece as far as I am concerned.)

I had tried to interview him before for SECRETS, but we had a problem with the phone lines, but this time is one of my best interviews, I loved doing this one.

Michael is definitely an author I want to read every time, and every new book. He has a series of books that have one detective in them, but lately he has written stand-alones, which I also love.

How long can it be before his books come to TV or the big screen? See if you are fooled by this story, and in the meantime enjoy this wonderful interview with Michael Robotham.

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