DBT 0256: Greg Iles – Mississippi Blood

In this episode we chat with best-selling author Greg Iles, upon the release of the third and final installment of the Natchez Burning trilogy. The story began with Natchez Burning, continued with The Bone Tree, and now Mississippi Blood promises to answer all unanswered questions.

To describe these books and the depth of the story would be very hard, but make no mistake, these are EPIC. The writing and the storytelling is like no other, and the voice is spectacular.

Greg Iles is a master, there is no doubt about it. I love everything he writes. WOW, I will not soon ever forget these books. And right before these three were published, he was in a major car accident. We are so blessed that he is ok now, and what a talent!!! I CANNOT wait to see these books as a tv series, or online, and it is looking good for that.

I cannot say enough good about this author. And don’t be intimidated by the length, a whopping 750,000. This is an absolute not-to-miss trilogy.

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