DBT 0255: Judy Collins – Cravings – How I Conquered Food

Wow, to get a chance to interview the one and only Judy Collins, what a thrill, what a voice!

Cravings is about Collins’ struggles; she had many, and you will read all about them in this book.

Bulimia for 11 years? How can you live through that? What a survivor. At 77 she is still going strong, and has a strict diet. and it WORKS! trust her or not, it works for her!

Send in the Clowns will always be my favorite song, wow, and to hear her sing it is amazing. But read about her struggles, and listen as she talks about them, and you will feel an empathy towards her that is so powerful. What does being a celebrity do to you? How do you cope? Somehow she has and she is so happy today. Listen to what she has done, and read the book. This could seriously change your life! And she loves to write, and her wanting to help others is rigtht there in the interview and in her writing. What a truly heroic woman! And to admit it so frankly. It’s not easy to do.

Sure glad I got to do this one, I could have talked to her all day!

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