DBT 0254: Faye Kellerman – The Bone Box (A Decker / Lazarus Novel)

What a thoroughly fascinating woman Faye Kellerman is. This is the 24th Decker / Lazarus book and they are so fun to read, and so fascinating. Especially the police procedural parts. These two husband and wife characters, Decker and Lazarus, have been together for so long, and they still hide things from each other, to usually embarrassing or bad results. Bone Box starts off with a bang, no not that type of bang, Rina Lazarus finds a dead body on her walk, and what happens as a result is amazing. WOW almost makes you wish something thrilling like that would happen to you, just not dead bodies.

I love this series, and I love Faye Kellerman, and you will find out why when you hear the interview. Married to Jonathan Kellerman, Faye and Jonathan have four children, at least two of whom (Jesse and Aliza) also do some writing.

What fun this interview was! ENJOY!

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