DBT 0253: Brad Parks – Say Nothing

Brad Parks is the only author to win the Shamus Award (from The Private Eye Writers of America), Lefty Award (from Left Coast Crime, awarded to the best humorous mystery of the year!), and Nero Award (from The Wolfe Pack).

Say Nothing is so intense, you will likely want to finish it in one sitting. WOW, it packs a punch. Where has this author been? Why have I never read him before? I surely will now. And a nice guy, to boot.

What would you do if both of your children were kidnapped and you could not tell anyone? And, you were a federal judge who could be used for illegal purposes. What would you do? Who would you turn to? That’s the premise of this book, and the tension does not let up. What a great book to read by the fire at night, and what a storytelling talent this man has!

I cannot wait to see what Brad Parks does next! Brad Parks, a name to remember.

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