DBT0266: Scott Ryan – Thirtysomething at Thirty: An Oral History

This is the longest interview I have ever done, all about the book Thirtysomething at Thirty. Of course that means the TV show Thirtysomething, which is about to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. In this episode, we chat with Scott Ryan, author of the book, and Richard Kramer, who wrote and produced the show.

This is a fascinating book, with a look at all 85 episodes, comments from all the cast, pictures galore, tv guide ads about the show. This show was quite powerful to watch with some of the most memorable episodes and scenes ever produced. Everyone remembers the death in season 4, it really shocked a lot of people, mostly because it was not the person everyone thought would die.

What made this show great? And why are people still watching it today? Find out when you listen to the interview.

We also touch on the two gay characters on the show, which really caused a lot of controversy at the time, but seems so tame today. I remember watching this show at the time it came out, but it still resonates today, and I have all the shows to watch again.

How did they get such a great cast? Scott Ryan has his own podcast about the show, and he has interviewed many of the cast, and boy am I jealous!

Ken Olin, who played Michael on the show, is now a huge part of This is Us, the biggest show right now on NBC.

So listen to all of us as we talk about the show, our favorite episodes, and lots more!

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