DBT0265: Stephen Hunter – G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger)

A very cool historical thriller, we get to meet Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, and Pretty Boy Floyd. Stephen Hunter seems to love historical thrillers, and his character Bob Lee Swagger‘s ancestors are perfect vehicles to tell the story as they lived back then. You will get to see what these infamous or famous men were really like, and not just the way they were painted by historians. Hear Stephen address that himself. This is the tenth book in the series of Bob Lee Swagger, and it is already getting great reviews online. Stephen Hunter loves to weave true historical events into his novels, and he does it so well. Not a time I would like to have lived in, and this book is set in 1934 and present day.

Stephen also is a gun aficionado, and it shows in this book. Hear him talk about that.

And wait till you hear him answer my question about what he is working on now. This man also has won a Pulitizer, and is a retired film critic for the Washington Post.

What a great guy. Just wish I had been able to talk to him longer, he seems to have many stories to tell. A terrific conversationalist, he seems to have many interests.

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