DBT 0280: Robin Cook – Charlatans

Robin Cook is one of a kind.

Cook has written 35 books, so many of which are thought provoking, suspenseful and downright fascinating. He has been writing since 1977, when Coma came out and made such a huge splash, selling about 11 million copies!

Here we are, 34 books later, and he is still at it. Charlatans is an incredible read, and I don’t say that lightly. Fast paced and extremely suspenseful, it ranks right up there as one of his best. I have read so many and I can’t think of a one i didn’t like.

A very private man, I am blessed to have been able to interview him for this one. It is said that 400 million copies of his books have been sold, which is so hard to imagine.

Cook is recognized overseas, but not much here in the USA.

Now he is working on the screenplay for Charlatans, which I  can’t wait to see.

A very easygoing yet private individual, but when you get him talking, he has so much to say. Hear it all here!

A true legend in the business, it was a pleasure to interview Robin Cook, and I hope you will enjoy listening!

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